Rapid growth in a niche market

How we helped a small UK startup scale globally

CNIguard website design by Avid Creative Hampshire


In our busy day to day lives, we rarely think about what’s going on beneath our feet as we walk our city streets. Under those manhole covers lies a massive network of electric cables, telecom wires, gas pipes and sewers. Many are old and exist in harsh environments leading to conditions that can lead to fires, explosions and electrocution. In response, CNIguard, a small London start-up, has developed a unique sensing system to protect these underground networks. To reach a potentially massive market, it needed to develop an effective communications strategy.


Protection of utility assets is at the heart of CNIguard’s business and their main market is the US. We designed a logo to capture these two elements incorporating a stylised version of the American eagle. We then developed a website, explainer videos, products brands and exhibition displays. We then launched social media and SEO campaigns as well as regular e-shots to widen the reach and build the brand. As a result, the company have now established an office in the US, increased their personnel and won major contracts with large utility companies.

CNIguard website design by Avid Creative Hampshire
CNIguard product brand design by Avid Creative Hampshire
CNIguard SensorView login screen design by Avid Creative Hampshire