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Over the years we’ve built a solid reputation for our branding and logo design skills and believe that if you get this part right then you’re well on your way to creating a successful brand. It all begins by understanding your business, its strengths and its weaknesses and generally what makes it tick. We call this the Discovery Process where we find out where your business is now and where you want it to be. From here we can start to build a picture and design a logo that’s just right for your business and that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Below are some branding examples of logos we’ve designed for a selection of businesses, from engineers, builders and manufacturers to solicitors, hair salons and public houses. And many others in between!

PSL Payment Solutions branding and logo design
Tubex tree shelters branding and logo design
Gurney Consulting Engineers branding and logo design
Parallel Insurance Consultancy branding and logo design
80:20 Communications branding and logo design
Downie Gadban Solicitors branding and logo design
Facial Balance London branding and logo design
Strata Technology branding and logo design
Shepherd and Flock public house Farnham branding and logo design
CTC (Cyclist Touring Club) branding and logo design
WES Group branding and logo design
Melody Care branding and logo design
Roe Group branding and logo design
IPSE Safety branding and logo design
Ruby Mane branding and logo design
Roberts Metal Packaging branding and logo design


What is it that makes your business tick? Why are you different? What do you hope your new brand design will achieve? What are your core business values? We’ll help you answer these questions, working closely with you and your key team, through a customer questionnaire or even a workshop with your staff.


Once we understand you and your market, we’ll consider how to reflect your corporate personality and values as part of a logo, perhaps supported by a strapline or positioning statement. We’ll also develop a corporate colour palette to give you flexibility in all your communications while maintaining a consistent brand message.


We’ll show you how your logo will work across a range of communications and media, taking into account online, offline, mono and colour reproduction. We can also help you build a ‘tone of voice’ for your brand to ensure a consistent customer experience.


We can’t stress this enough. In order to build recognition, and trust with your branding, you need a consistent approach. Tone of voice, key messaging, style, approach and logo. All touchpoints, whether it’s your business cards, signage, customer newsletter, sales presentations or social media, every element must support your brand. Your logo may never be as iconic as Coca Cola or Google, but consistency is king.

If you’re based in Surrey, Hampshire or the South East, contact us to discuss what your brand stands for.

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