Your logo is not your brand

Your logo is not your brand but part of your overall brand and the most recognised element of it. Get it wrong and everyone will know it. Get it right and you’ll gain a pride in your brand that will filter throughout your entire business.

A logo will tell your market how professional your brand is. It will tell them your brand is serious, focused, polished and credible. When you are pursuing new business your image is extremely important and, in a competitive market, will often be a deciding factor. Remember the old mantra ‘first impressions count’.

First impressions count

Designing a logo good enough for your business is a complex task. It must be visually pleasing. Shape and structure are essentially important when considering the use of a logo. How will it adapt to your website? Will it scale from the size of a business card to signage or vehicle livery yet still maintain its integrity? What about colour choice? Do the colours appeal to your target market? Will they date? Should the logo have a strapline and what writing style should be used to describe it? All very good questions and there are many more.

A design professional that understands your brand is a valuable asset. By studying your business and its objectives they will help you find the right answers and when you see it, you’ll know.

Take a look at your logo. What does it really say about your business and what impression does it convey? Now look at your competitors – do they look more serious, focused, credible? If their logo says ‘yes’ then that’s what potential clients will think too.

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