Why you need a good ecommerce website

We stumbled across an article written by American business entrepreneur Greg Shugar where he talks about the importance of having a really good ecommerce website, but his points relate equally well to standard websites too.

He starts from the viewpoint that entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses need to have a beautifully designed, fully capable website; it’s no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, and it’s not an area to be cutting corners or ‘doing it yourself’.

Why you need a good ecommerce website

This is particularly important if you have an ecommerce business where your website is your only presence – the equivalent of your bricks-and-mortar retail store with appealing interior, friendly staff and an inviting shopfront. From a physical presence you will be competing with all the big retail stores down the road from you – but unfortunately it’s not a level playing field, because they’ll have more choice, more space and more staff.

Level the field

But with your ecommerce website you’ve got a chance against the big players – IF your website is up to the task – as you’ll only be viewed in what Greg refers to as ‘the narrow world of online space’. And that’s where finding and appointing the right web designer or web agency and ring-fencing an appropriate budget is key.

If you’re just setting out or you’re relaunching your website or ecommerce website, it shouldn’t be about ‘getting it cheap’. It’s about setting a realistic budget for what you want to achieve – which might take some bravery and a leap of faith on your part.

Greg offers plenty of advice about checking out your competitors and discovering your customers’ ‘pain point’ which you can attempt to fix through functionality and navigation on your own website. But if you choose an agency like ours, we’ll walk you through all of that – and do a lot of the legwork for you as part of our research and development phase.

If you’re just setting out or perhaps relaunching and you’d like us to help fix your own ‘pain point’, drop us an email or give us a call on 01420 568127.

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