What is your marketing plan for 2016

Do you put together a fresh marketing plan for your business each year? If you don’t, you’re definitely not alone but it is something you should put some time aside to work on – and this time of year is pretty spot on for that.

If you leave it much longer, you’ll be caught up in client entertainment, office parties and the Christmas close down then, before you know it, it’s 4th January; you’re back at work with a ton of emails and outstanding action points from last year so you’ll need to reschedule your marketing planning until things calm down. And, realistically, when will that be?

What is your marketing plan for 2016

Book a couple of half day slots in your diary now to spend some quality time thinking about your business, where you want it to be in 12 months time and set some specific – but not too easy – goals. Then look at how you’ll achieve them.

Who are your customers? 

Write down who they are, what’s their ‘language’, how will you engage with them, what’s their ‘buyer persona’?

Understand your unique selling point, does it distinguish you from the competition, how do you convey it to customers (and staff)?

Pricing and positioning

Does your pricing strategy support your positioning? If you’re selling “we’re the best” you shouldn’t also be the cheapest.

Offers and deals

Could you offer deals or bundle products or services together to attract new or returning customers?

Marketing materials

Review all your existing collateral (online and offline) and decide what needs updating and make sure these are scheduled into your plan – outdated exhibition stands need to be ready for next year’s shows and magazines work months ahead so you need to start early with those.

How will you reach new customers?

Consider social media, PR, advertising, events and trade shows, sponsorship, direct mail, joining associations, networking, speaker engagements etc. Will you need new marketing materials to support these activities?


Whether it’s keywords, SEO, PPC, banner advertising, social media or lead forensics, it’s important to have your online presence covered.

Partnerships and referrals

Could you partner with companies who sell products in a similar vein to yours? Or could you create a referral programme to reward suppliers or customers to increase your referrals?

Keeping customers

What will you do to retain existing customers? Regular customer visits, a regular newsletter or maybe a loyalty programme could work for your business.


Financial projections should include anticipated costs as well as expected sales resulting from planned activities. Within the financials you should detail your specific and measurable goals.

As Richard Branson says, “It takes an engaged, motivated and committed workforce to deliver a first-class product or service and build a successful, sustainable enterprise,” so share your plan within your organisation – or at least an abbreviated version – then all areas of the business can share your vision and work towards the goals.

Finally, refer to your marketing plan at least quarterly to make sure you’re on track.

And if you need some help getting to grips with the challenges, give us a call on 01420 568127 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you put together a meaningful, achievable marketing plan for 2016.

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