What are the benefits of Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design – or GDD – enables you to stay ahead of the competition and removes the ‘hassle factor’ of conducting a major overhaul or relaunch of your website every few years.

If you’ve ever been through the process of ‘redoing’ your company’s website you’ll know it’s time-consuming, expensive and, invariably, delivered late. It takes months to decide on navigation, collate content, approve all the various stages of design and build and all this keeps you and your staff away from their core activities. Essentially, marketing takes three or more months off to focus on the website. But can your business really afford for its marketing efforts to take a break?

Driving business growth with good website design

With Growth Driven Design, your website is updated in increments each month so it’s constantly changing, evolving to meet the needs of your business and your customers through continual learning and improvement. Coding can be adjusted to meet the latest browser releases, bugs (if any) can be fixed as they arise, new products can be added or highlighted and new ideas tested for effectiveness; and it never diverts the business away from its core day-to-day activity.

In many ways it’s like software development; Version 1 is good but soon you find things you don’t like or don’t work as well as you’d hoped. But V2 is better and so on. But the really good thing is that it’s integrated with your Sales and Marketing – changes are incorporated based on their input with pretty immediate effect.

Your website evolves based on how visitors interact and engage with its content using data from analytics and surveys to implement strategies and services that generate leads. Essentially, start small, and get bigger rather than an “all at once” event.

Another benefit of Growth Driven Design over investing in one major website every few years is the cost. Although GDD will be more expensive in the long term – well you are updating your website every month! – the cost is divided into monthly bitesize chunks rather than a huge investment in one hit. And your business will be reaping the benefits each month, not waiting two, three or even four years.

So in a nutshell the benefits of Growth Driven Design over traditional website design are:

  • No major investment of your time and energy in a one-off project
  • Improved cashflow with a monthly investment rather than one big hit
  • Outdated or low performing content can quickly be removed or updated
  • You can test, monitor and refine to boost return on investment (ROI)
  • You’ll stay ahead of the competition
  • An ongoing relationship with your agency will lead to better understanding of your business and you’ll benefit more from their experience and expertise

And don’t forget, Google favours websites with fresh content.

If you’re looking to do things differently, call us on 01420 568127 or visit our contact page and let’s talk about Growth Driven Design.

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