The benefits of Responsive Web Design

Reports suggest that this year over half of websites will be viewed on mobile devices. But by having your website responsively designed you can ensure that you will capture this growing audience.

Responsive web design is a major recent technological development that allows your website to render differently on a mobile device so your customers no longer have to zoom in and out. Buttons are designed for finger presses and menus are neatly arranged. And this all happens from one website – there’s no need for two domains or different versions of the same content.


There are real benefits to business including saving time and costs on site management, increasing visibility in search engines and also saving costs by not having to develop separate sites for specific devices.

Marketing emails too can take advantage of responsive web design. Smartphones are frequently used for checking email and the same content that appears in Outlook on your PC can be designed to work on mobile with just a few minor adjustments.

Avid Creative is experienced in designing responsive websites and emails that effectively communicate your brand message on all devices. Contact us here to find out more or call 01420 568127 to arrange an initial meeting.

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