It’s communication Jim, but not as we know it

So you’ve sent out a creative brief, you’ve long-listed from the responses, short-listed from the meetings and you’ve placed your work with the winning agency. It’s all good. Or maybe not.

Most of the larger agencies will send their top team out to meet new clients, including their best creative minds and most efficient account handlers, usually introduced by someone pretty senior in the company. They will demonstrate relevant industry knowledge, or perhaps a personal connection. Chemistry is good, everyone has a good grasp of what’s needed on the account so what could possibly go wrong?


Unfortunately, for many clients the team they meet will not be the team working on their account, and so begins a game of Chinese Whispers where key information fails to make it through to those who need it. Junior staff may be working to the brief provided by more senior members of the team, rather than the client’s brief, so there can be some disconnect between the two.

Misunderstandings, misinterpreting the brief, missed deadlines and an overrunning budget can be part and parcel of working with some agencies – large or small – where clients have been won over on creative but mis-sold on communications.

The team at Avid Creative cut their teeth on low-tech forms of communication – posting or faxing layouts, picking up the landline to talk through amendments and face-to-face meetings – where little is left to chance. While the technology may have changed, the principals of keeping clients informed and involved to ensure we meet the original client brief have not.

It’s testament to the fact our clients trust us, know we solve their problems, add value to their business and provide value for money that we maintain long and happy client relationships, many of which have lasted more than 10 years.

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