Is your website past its ‘Sell By’ date?

In two recent client meetings both companies expressed that, although we had only launched their brand spanking new websites less than a year ago, they needed to be redesigned. Well that was quite a surprise. Were they unhappy with the work we had done for them? Absolutely not! In fact the websites had been so successful in helping their businesses grow that they now realised their market positioning had changed and they needed to reflect that in new websites.

Is your website past its sell by date?

So that made us think. How many other businesses are out there that have had new sites built in the last couple of years but now realise their business world has moved so fast that they are now out of step? We reckon a fair number.

And how many more are blissfully unaware that their website no longer represents either what their business does or their customer base?

It’s no longer an option to launch your website then sit back and think that the job is done. It’s a living, breathing thing that needs to be fed with fresh content and exposed to its target audience through social media, PR and ongoing marketing activity. But when that audience changes or moves up a gear, your website needs to adapt to match its surroundings. Think ‘chameleon’.

New technology and ways of communicating continue to change at a rapid pace meaning that consumer’s online habits are constantly changing. And the world of B2B is fast catching up. So let’s take a look. Does your website reflect your business? Or has your business changed so much and now there’s a mismatch? Does your logo and brand say: “People understand our business and trust our expertise”? If not there could be a problem – and you could be losing business.

Of course we understand that there may be obstacles for going through what might have been a very painful process again so soon. Your time is probably the biggest, with budget a close second. However, if you believe that it really is time to adapt, we can help alleviate that pain and make sure that your business stays on top.

You’ll find the two client’s we’ve referred to in our website case studies. And if you’d like a second opinion on whether your website is covering all your business bases, call us on 01420 568127 for an initial discussion.

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