Is LinkedIn a Social Media channel for business?

LinkedIn has long been the ‘channel of choice’ for business leaders, entrepreneurs, directors, managers and employees as – what Forbes calls – ‘an essential personal branding tool’. Essentially, a powerful online resume and networking tool in one. But there’s been a gradual shift towards business pages, thought-leadership ‘long posts’ and sharing of interesting stories and articles from across the internet in the melting pot that is LinkedIn. So is LinkedIn a social media channel for business?

How to grow and nurture your network

You may not even think of LinkedIn as a social media channel but it is an online destination where people go to share information and find other like-minded people – essentially a virtual networking event. And that’s no different to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram other than the type of people that spend their time there.

If your target audience is B2B, then LinkedIn should definitely not be overlooked as an important communications channel with prospective and existing customers and contacts. As a business owner, or anyone with a business development, sales or recruitment role within a business, LinkedIn can be invaluable in building awareness of your company, along with its key strengths and values which, in turn, can draw in potential customers and staff who’ll see you as ‘people they’d like to work with’.

Depending on your exact target market, there could be more immediate or relevant channels for your brand’s voice and content, but LinkedIn is certainly a good place to start with solid profiles for each of your Directors where they each have a platform to share news about the business. You may choose to create a Company Page where you can post interesting content that’s relevant to your customers and contacts, which can be easily shared by your staff to increase awareness across the vast LinkedIn global network.

In many ways, a LinkedIn Company Page is a mini ‘About Us’ from your website but the added exposure and visibility for your company, products and services to the LinkedIn audience is invaluable. A LinkedIn Company Page builds followers – in the same way as other social media channels – which means you can easily keep your audience updated with company news, announcements or industry developments, with links back to you website – which is great news for the search engines too.

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