Is it still good to talk?

Steve Gibbons, MD of DewGibbons + Partners wrote a piece for Design Week recently about how face-to-face communication is critical to the client-agency relationship. And we completely agree with his philosophy – it’s good to talk.

Steve makes the point that ‘back in the day’ agencies had client entertainment budgets and client ‘schmoozing’ was an essential part of the job. But those days are long gone, and now client-agency relationships are all about efficiency of time and money.

it's good to talk

But are we failing to communicate effectively because of a reliance on email and a lack of quality person-to-person time? Here at Avid Creative we are strong believers in doing things ‘the old fashioned way’ – which doesn’t mean our clients get to enjoy long boozy lunches on us, but it does mean we make time for face-to-face meetings with our clients, the occasional lunch and regularly talking on the phone.

Building relationships

In our experience, there’s no better way to build relationships, understand the way the client works and get an idea of the bigger business picture than actually talking, which helps shape both the creative and the client relationship moving forward. Sometimes it also gives an insight into other areas of the business where we could add value or help clients save money, so there are definite benefits for both client and agency.

Talk the talk

We all lean far too heavily on email communications (and we get it: it’s quick, easy and there’s a paper trail to follow) but we do make a conscious effort to pick up the phone rather than email where we can. The concept of “No Email Friday” seems to be getting some traction in the USA and maybe one day we’ll adopt that idea from across the Pond, just as we’ve embraced Black Friday and Cyber Monday; although we think not emailing one day a week is potentially counter-productive and it’s far better to just try to talk rather than email whenever it’s practical to do so.

Would your business benefit from more face-to-face – or at least voice-to-voice communication? Or has your business implemented a “No Email Friday” policy? We’d love to know if you’ve benefited from more human contact with your customers, suppliers or staff – leave us a comment with your experience or thoughts.

It’s good to talk

And if you’d like to work with a creative agency that’s ready to give you the time of day, give us a call us a call on 01420 568127 and let’s meet up for coffee and an initial chat. After all, we think it’s good to talk!

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