Is Google’s logo the new Marmite?

You may have noticed something different this week; more morning rush hour traffic as many of the schools return from the summer break, talk of ‘autumnal’ conditions in the weather, and something different about Google.

Not for the first time in its history, Google has refreshed its brand. Gone are the ‘organic curves’ of its trusted Serif font, replaced by the ‘clean lines’ and modernity of Sans Serif.


According to Google’s own blog on the subject, the change reflects the way we now interact with Google’s army of products – on tiny screens via different platforms, apps and devices rather than a static desktop PC. And I don’t think any of us would argue that our consumption of “all things Google” has definitely changed over the past 17 years.

If yesterday’s article in The New Yorker is a reflection of feeling on the new logo, Google have made a massive error; reporter Sarah Lawson calls the new Sans Serif logo “sans-serif building-block refrigerator-magnet silliness” – and we can definitely see where she’s coming from. But we like and trust what we know and are wired to be suspicious of change. So has Google gone too far?

Well it’s a less quirky (and you could argue, more boring) design but it seems to reflect the company’s continued market domination, not only in search but in every other area of our digital lives. The use of the new Sans Serif font is crisper, cleaner, more contemporary and we think its simplicity will lend itself more readily to other branding elements.

We like designer Milton Glaser’s take on it:

“I would change the name to Goo. It’s immediately recognizable and fits the technical criteria of taking up less space and reducing the bandwidth needed. Also: subhead: Goo / Holds the World together.”

Love it or hate it, the new logo undoubtedly has a timeless quality and we’ll soon get used to it. It is Google after all. And at least they’ve maintained the colour palette!

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