How well does your brand adapt to social media?

Like it or not, social media gets many aspects of your business ‘out there’ and visible to a wide audience. As such, social media branding has become an important part of the marketing mix. So how well does your brand adapt to social media?

Many businesses that set up accounts with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google + or YouTube tend to take a DIY approach and rely on using the standard templates provided.

On the other hand a custom designed social media branding solution can say much more about you business through all forms of social networking. It gives you a strong, professional and consistent brand that will help you build recognition, capture more leads and covert more customers.

Your logo has a strong impact on how your business is perceived in the market. It lets your clients know about your products and services and can help to build brand loyalty.

The majority of social media sites require you to convert your logo to a square (or nearly square) shaped thumbnail. Your logo doesn’t need to be a perfect square, but should have the capability of being easily converted to one. It’s best to make use of all the space you have so your logo won’t have to be compressed or reduced to fit into the small space.

Depending on the shape and format of your logo it may need adapting. This could mean using an element that is easily identifiable as your company that will have impact at a small size.

And it’s not just your logo. The look and feel of your social media pages should be designed to carry through your brand. For example, while many businesses plump for a standard Twitter template for their profile, they are missing the opportunity to reinforce a consistent brand message including using their corporate colours more effectively and choosing images that complement the design.

Facebook and Google + have similar layout restrictions to one another but, with some design consideration, these can be used in a creative way and say much more about your brand than a standard template.

So if you are serious about how your brand looks in this increasingly relevant social media world, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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