Has your website been hit by Mobilegeddon?

21st April marked the day Google shook up it’s search engine algorithms in a major way. In fact, in a recent blog post Google said, and I quote, that your site’s mobile friendliness will “have a significant impact” on search results. So has your website been hit by Mobilegeddon?

What does this actually mean? Google’s complex algorithms are now favouring pages which are seen as mobile friendly and they will be ranked higher than those which are not.


So if your website can be viewed easily on a smartphone or tablet, you’re in a good place and your ranking should improve without doing anything more. If not, your visibility will be negatively impacted and you need to take action to avoid losing out to more agile competition.

Google has provided a guide to creating websites which meet its new standards and an online test to check if your website qualifies or needs some updating. So type in your website URL and see what the techies at Google have to say.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The so-called ‘Mobilegeddon’ will only affect your site’s search ranking on mobile devices, and only applies to individual pages – not entire websites – but this does highlight Google’s acknowledgement of the growing shift towards mobile surfing. With a predicted 1.9 billion smartphone users* globally by the end of the year, any business serious about maintaining its online visibility needs to consider whether its website is meeting customer needs.

Here at Avid Creative, we welcome these changes as websites which don’t display correctly on smartphones and tablets are probably losing you valuable sales – especially if you’re an online retailer – and you may not even realise it. All our websites are designed as ‘responsive’, which means they automatically adjust to display correctly on whatever device they are being viewed on. How clever is that? And it’s quicker and more cost effective than creating different versions of your site.

If you’ve fallen foul of Google’s new mobile friendly search algorithms and you need a helping hand, call us on 01420 568127 to talk about turning a negative into a positive.

*source eMarketer.com

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