Design isn’t pretty, it solves problems

Graphic designers and creatives are a generally misunderstood bunch. We find ourselves in front of people who think the role of design is to ‘make it look pretty’ or incorporate the MD’s favourite colour into the brand.

But as all designers know, design isn’t about making anything look pretty, at least not for the sake of it.


Julia Jamieson at Atomic Object hit the nail on the head when she said visual design is about:

  • Creating visual systems that establish hierarchy and order
  • Finding the right balance between consistency and delight
  • Communicating a brand personality
  • Making complex problems simple

Good design takes a problem and finds a solution; at Avid Creative we listen to your business problem, go away and research your competition and your market, think creatively of routes to solve your problem, narrow the options and present what we consider to be the best visual solutions.

Just delivering ‘pretty’ isn’t enough – which is why lots of pretty design just doesn’t work, whether it’s online or offline.

We won’t use your favourite colour if we don’t believe it’s right for your market, your audience or your product/service. We’ll generally propose a palette of colours which we feel will build or support your brand. You might not like the colours but that’s not the point. If it will work hard for your business, that’s what matters.

As Eleanor Innis said of designers in her recent blog, “…their primary purpose is to effectively communicate a message, and the design is a means to that end. Their goal is a design that is as beautiful as it is functional, and that takes far more skill than simply decorating a message.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Eleanor.

To find out more about how our creativity can solve your business problems, call us on 01420 568127 or visit our Case Studies.

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