Advantage: Small Business

One of our best performing tweets in the last seven days was “Are you losing business to larger competitors?” – so that question obviously struck a chord with many of our small business followers.

We’re a small business ourselves so we know only too well how demands for organisation charts and to ‘meet the team who will be responsible for running our account’ can lead to larger agencies winning business as they have the structure in place to meet the client’s checklist for appointing a creative agency. But bigger isn’t always better.

Small Business Web Design Hampshire. Stay ahead of the competition.

Stay ahead of the competition

A small business is more agile and able to adapt to market conditions and customer needs. The management team is closer to the ‘coal face’ and can make recommendations and implement changes far more quickly than a larger competitor with several layers of decision-making to go through.

Changes to products or services can be made based on customer feedback – whether it’s good or bad – to the benefit of all clients, who then may choose to place more business with you as you have demonstrated you are responsive and willing to make changes to improve customer service.

People buy from people

With a smaller business team, it’s easier to forge long-lasting relationships with clients. Frequent meetings and closer contact often lead to more personal relationships developing between client and supplier. And customer complaints can be handled quickly and are less likely to negatively impact future business.

A small business will have fewer layers so reporting lines, roles and responsibilities are clearer – at least for the customer – who will know who they should speak to without being held in a queue and passed from pillar to post. Building one-to-one relationships with clients gives you the perfect position to anticipate need, deliver beyond expectation and build trust – a powerful combination of business skills.

Stand out from the crowd

It’s also easier for your business to be unique and stand out from the crowd without corporate hoops to jump through. Make sure you position yourself with a clear benefit so potential customers are in no doubt how you can solve their problems.

So being a small business shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage, in fact you probably have an advantage, but you need to sell the positive and unique aspects of your business effectively. If you need help positioning and marketing your small business within your sector, call us on 01420 568127 or visit the Contact Us section of our website.

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