5 tips for choosing the right font

For a graphic designer, choosing the font is a major part of the creative and design process. Whether it’s for a new identity or standalone communications piece, the font is intrinsic to the outcome of the final design.

The two main font types are Serif which have ‘feet’ and are classic and traditional and Sans Serif which are clean and modern.

I’m sure we’ve all seen social media posts bemoaning the use of Comic Sans but, in all seriousness, a font says as much about your business, products or services as the choice of colours, imagery and words.


If you’re wondering whether your existing ‘house’ font is right for your business or you’re embarking on choosing a font for the very first time, here are our 5 tips for picking the right one:

  1. Does it complement your brand and reflect the company personality? For example, if your business needs to be seen as trustworthy your font should communicate that brand value
  2. Will it appeal to your target audience? So if your audience is young and tech savvy, your font should resonate with them
  3. Consider the practicalities. How it will look at 6pt in a small advert and 36pt on an exhibition stand? Will it work for your website? Does it work equally well in colour or in black reversed out of white?
  4. Is your font legible and readable? Unusual fonts can be difficult to read with some letters hard to distinguish from one another (think uppercase L, lowercase l and the number 1)

Does it combine well with other fonts to give you options for headlines and body copy?

Since college days our Creative Director, Derek Wallace, has been a fan of Univers. It’s a classic, Swiss style, sans serif font designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1957 and has endured ever since – including being the font of choice for Apple’s laptop keyboard until 2007. It’s an incredibly versatile font family and is available in a wide range of weights and styles. In his words, “In the world of graphic design we tend to be either ‘Univers or Helvetica’ people. I’m very much on the side of Univers!”

But when it comes to clients, we look long and hard at what their business does, its market, competitors, audience and company personality, and that’s the basis for us to research and recommend a typographic route, including fonts and colour palettes. And our favourite fonts simply don’t come into it.

So while it is perfectly possible to choose your own font, we believe it’s far better left to the professionals. If you would like to discuss which fonts best suit your business, we’d love to hear from you on 01420 568127 or send us an email.

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