5 steps to choosing a design agency

Maybe your stationery is out-of-date or your website needs an overhaul but for whatever reason you need to find a graphic designer for your business. But finding and appointing a designer or choosing a design agency when you don’t know what to look for can be pretty daunting.

Choosing a design agency Hampshire

Here are 5 steps to help you make the right decision:

1. Ask around. Ask for recommendations from your clients and suppliers who have logos, literature or websites you admire.

2. Check the local area. It’s great to support local businesses if you can and they have the right skills, experience and quality of service.

3. Create a longlist. Pull together a list of likely companies and check out their websites:

  • Do you like what you see, do they already have clients or experience in your industry or with your customer base?
  • Can they demonstrate results from their work?
  • Are they updating their website regularly with client work, social media activity or blog posts?
  • If they have testimonials, do they ring true and resonate with you?
  • If they have indicative pricing on their website, how closely does it match your budget?

Answering these questions should cut some names off your longlist.

4. Shortlisting. You could try engaging with the remaining agencies on Twitter or Facebook and see what happens. Do they respond to you, what sort of content are they posting, do they ‘speak your language’? This could cut another couple from the list.

Hopefully at this stage you’re at no more than three to five agencies so it’s time to make contact.

5. Get in touch. Pick up the phone or send an email to break the ice, tell the agency what your brief is and see how they respond. People buy from people and it’s just as important when choosing a designer or design agency to be working with someone you feel comfortable with, who gets your business and is a passionate about it as you are.

If you’d like to put Avid Creative to the test, call us on 01420 568127 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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